Endodontie | Behandlungsspektrum | Behandlung der Zahnarztpraxis Joanna K. Vorhauser



Deep cavities, trauma, and inflammation of the apex (the tip or end of the dental root) can make tooth extraction unavoidable. However, with an optimal root canal treatment, teeth can be saved for the long term. We set high standards in our treatment methodology, backed by extensive experience, treatment expertise and the use of advanced modern technology. Via an operating microscope, the root canals are precisely diagnosed, professionally treated, cleaned, and disinfected.

After the root canal, the tooth is filled and sealed. As a final step, a bacteria-tight seal for the tooth is important, which is carried out in most cases with a crown or partial crown. If a tooth cannot be saved, we guide you through the selection of quality dental implants from bio-compatible materials, which give you the correct stability and aesthetics.



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