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A lost tooth is not only missing visually: among other things, a tooth gap can destabilize the entire bite. We restore lost teeth using implants of the highest quality, so that the mouth both looks and functions as it once did. At the place where a tooth was rooted, we insert an implant and let it heal within the jawbone. When the healing process is finished, we implant your individual dental crown with the greatest precision. Dental implants are known for exceptional durability and will provide long-lasting stability while eating; they also prevent bone loss and ensure the preservation of the adjacent teeth. We specialize in perfectly fitting your implants, which we will take time to talk to you about in the comfort of our consultation rooms.

Benefits of Implantology:

-Implants can replace a prosthesis, with the possibility of a complete, long-lasting renovation;
-The healthy portions of tooth substance are not touched;
-The neighboring teeth do not have to be abraded when implanting a dental crown or bridge.

Navigated Implantation Using the Simplant System

The trend towards minimally-invasive surgical procedures has also arrived in dental implantology: Simplant ®
is a computerized, 3-D dental planning program that gives us virtual insights and truly detailed information on bone density, location and nerve channels as well as the exact position of the maxillary sinuses. Implants can be positioned using Simplant navigation and then precisely aligned. The optimal length and the correct implant diameter can also be defined. As a result, the bone around the implant is also checked for sufficiency, and that there are safe distances from nerve roots or neighboring implants. In addition, we have accurate awareness of the jaw bone structure, its quality and the specific sites of the mandibular nerve and sinuses.

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