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To prevent tooth loss, action is necessary: probably the most common dental disease is periodontitis. This is a condition in which excess bacteria leads to red, swollen gums, bleeding, and inflammation. Advanced periodontitis can lead to bone loss and lessened tooth mobility, as well as the loss of teeth. Therefore, plaque and tartar must be removed. Thanks to the use of a special dental laser, treatment processes can be carried out carefully. The biggest advantage is that bacteria can be drastically reduced and the healing process is faster and more pleasant. With regular checkups, we can detect any tooth bed disease immediately – and treatment can begin.
In our periodontal work, we carry out detailed microbiological examinations using micro-IDent® und micro-IDent®plus11 analysis systems. This analysis forms the basis for the targeted control of your specific, individual “marker bacteria,” which is based on your DNA. While we control your specific bacteria, your own natural healing processes will strengthen; regular periodontal treatment protects you from infections and ensures the preservation of your teeth. Finally, continued follow-up examinations and professional teeth cleaning will support your motivation to take care of your teeth at home. You will achieve good results from this comprehensive treatment strategy.

Our professional, periodontal tooth cleaning includes:

  • Removal of all hard and soft plaque on teeth, root surfaces and interdental spaces;
  • Elimination of rough spots on the teeth and fillings;
  • Strengthening the teeth with fluoride;
  • Treatment of any periodontal pockets and inflammation;
  • Comprehensive advice on oral hygiene at home.

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