Our team is committed to achieve the best results for your teeth. We begin your treatment with careful advice and guidance. Together, we create a truly individual concept, and throughout the process, we inform you of different options. Our commitment to your dental health is reflected by everyone on our team: we constantly complete additional professional training and continue our own dental education, so that we can always provide the most-up-to-date information and approaches.

Dental Aesthetics


To eliminate plaque, we painlessly polish all the places a toothbrush can’t reach. It’s important to remember that plaque and tartar deposits not only look unpleasant - these bacteria cause tooth decay and gingivitis (gum disease). During a professional cleaning, your teeth are gently freed from all deposits, and the space between teeth is thoroughly cleaned. In addition, to prevent and treat halitosis (bad breath), and even provide pre- and after-care for periodontal problems, we can create a comprehensive, custom program to keep your teeth healthy.


To make your teeth white and gleaming, we use professional technologies such as the Philips Zoom® Teeth Whitening system. Your teeth whitening process is simple, effective, and safe – and after the first treatment, you will be delighted by the results. We can also provide a customized whitening tray, so you can safely and effectively whiten your teeth at home.


To provide truly natural and effective tooth corrections, veneers are secured by a special process – fitted correctly, no one will realize they are there. Veneers can be used to mask irregular front teeth, missing teeth, cracks, short or small teeth as well as correct tooth color. Your individually-made veneers are made of fine, ultra-thin ceramic, specially designed for dental usage. Each veneer is created in cooperation with our professional dental laboratory. When the veneers are ready, the original tooth is gently abraded, and the veneer is specially glued to the tooth’s surface. This careful adhesion process keeps veneers long-lasting and reliable for many years.

Harmony Braces

Harmony Braces® are an elegant and invisible teeth straightening method. These transparent dental splints gradually move the teeth into the desired position; at the same time, they are easy to take out when eating or brushing. This system can be used for teens, and it is especially practical for adults. Misaligned teeth can be corrected quickly, with the front teeth sometimes corrected within a few weeks.

Jürgen Kadow

We would like to thank the artist Jürgen Kadow for the wonderful works, which are hanging in our practice.



To fill in small areas, composite fillings are a solid, standard solution. The reasons: they can be used with minimally invasive procedures, and the process can be completed in one session. In addition, composites can be almost exactly adapted to your tooth color. To fill in larger areas, especially in the chewing-intensive back regions of the mouth, ceramic inlays can be provided, as well as partial crowns, for the longer term. Like composite fillings, ceramic inlays and partial crowns preserve your teeth. And there are many options, including different types of material that can be used and a range of life-like shades.


To restore, replace, and cover damaged teeth (with crowns) or one or more missing teeth (with bridges): these dental pieces can be used for large areas. Using carefully designed, advanced aesthetic planning, they are hard to detect from your natural teeth. To make them secure, crowns and bridges are professionally cemented using modern dental epoxy.


A lost tooth is not only missing visually: among other things, a tooth gap can destabilize the entire bite. We restore lost teeth using implants of the highest quality, so that the mouth both looks and functions as it once did. At the place where a tooth was rooted, we insert an implant and let it heal within the jawbone. When the healing process is finished, we implant your individual dental crown with the greatest precision. Dental implants are known for exceptional durability and will provide long-lasting stability while eating; they also prevent bone loss and ensure the preservation of the adjacent teeth. We specialize in perfectly fitting your implants, which we will take time to talk to you about in the comfort of our consultation rooms.

Benefits of Implantology:

Vorteile der Implantologie

  • Implants can replace a prosthesis, with the possibility of a complete, long-lasting renovation;
  • The healthy portions of tooth substance are not touched;
  • The neighboring teeth do not have to be abraded when implanting a dental crown or bridge.

Navigated Implantation Using the Simplant System

The trend towards minimally-invasive surgical procedures has also arrived in dental implantology: Simplant® is a computerized, 3-D dental planning program that gives us virtual insights and truly detailed information on bone density, location and nerve channels as well as the exact position of the maxillary sinuses. Implants can be positioned using Simplant navigation and then precisely aligned. The optimal length and the correct implant diameter can also be defined. As a result, the bone around the implant is also checked for sufficiency, and that there are safe distances from nerve roots or neighboring implants. In addition, we have accurate awareness of the jaw bone structure, its quality and the specific sites of the mandibular nerve and sinuses.


To prevent tooth loss, action is necessary: probably the most common dental disease is periodontitis. This is a condition in which excess bacteria leads to red, swollen gums, bleeding, and inflammation. Advanced periodontitis can lead to bone loss and lessened tooth mobility, as well as the loss of teeth. Therefore, plaque and tartar must be removed. Thanks to the use of a special dental laser, treatment processes can be carried out carefully. The biggest advantage is that bacteria can be drastically reduced and the healing process is faster and more pleasant. With regular checkups, we can detect any tooth bed disease immediately – and treatment can begin.

In our periodontal work, we carry out detailed microbiological examinations using micro-IDent® und micro-IDent®plus11 analysis systems. This analysis forms the basis for the targeted control of your specific, individual “marker bacteria,” which is based on your DNA. While we control your specific bacteria, your own natural healing processes will strengthen; regular periodontal treatment protects you from infections and ensures the preservation of your teeth. Finally, continued follow-up examinations and professional teeth cleaning will support your motivation to take care of your teeth at home. You will achieve good results from this comprehensive treatment strategy.

Our professional, periodontal tooth cleaning includes:

  • Removal of all hard and soft plaque on teeth, root surfaces and interdental spaces;
  • Elimination of rough spots on the teeth and fillings;
  • Strengthening the teeth with fluoride;
  • Treatment of any periodontal pockets and inflammation;
  • Comprehensive advice on oral hygiene at home.

CMD and TMJ Treatment

Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunctions (CMD) leads to what is called Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction – sometimes known by the initials TMJ, TMD or TMJD. Generally, CMDs are due to a malfunctioning interaction of upper and lower jaw caused by disturbances in the function of the teeth, the jaw joint and related muscles. These dysfunctions can lead to tinnitus, jaw pain, TMJ-related pain, cracking of the Temporomandibular Joint, neck tension, hardened muscles, and even shoulder pain due to blockages of the spine. Teeth clenching and grinding lead to overloading of the teeth and an incorrect bite; misaligned teeth or poorly-made tooth replacements can enhance the CMD symptoms. In a comprehensive partnership with radiologists, dental technicians and specialized physiotherapists, we can create a tailor-made therapy. For example, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and DVT (digital volume tomography) allow us insight into the causes of your CMD and to create a treatment strategy. Custom-made mouth trays (also known as “mouth guards”) can lead to relief of symptoms. Within our own medical building at Pfingsweidstraße 3, we are partnered with a leading physiotherapy practice to provide complete treatment and support.


Deep cavities, trauma, and inflammation of the apex (the tip or end of the dental root) can make tooth extraction unavoidable. However, with an optimal root canal treatment, teeth can be saved for the long term. We set high standards in our treatment methodology, backed by extensive experience, treatment expertise and the use of advanced modern technology. Via an operating microscope, the root canals are precisely diagnosed, professionally treated, cleaned, and disinfected. After the root canal, the tooth is filled and sealed. As a final step, a bacteria-tight seal for the tooth is important, which is carried out in most cases with a crown or partial crown. If a tooth cannot be saved, we guide you through the selection of quality dental implants from bio-compatible materials, which give you the correct stability and aesthetics.


Precision Treatment via High-Powered Glasses

Excellent vision is a fundamental prerequisite for providing the highest-quality dentistry. This does not merely mean providing a careful examination via normal eyesight; our examinations also occur using magnifying glasses that are 2.8 - 4.5 times more detailed than normal vision. This means that during diagnosis and treatment, we can anticipate and avoid problems even on the most delicate areas and surfaces. This magnification also results in higher-quality aesthetic results, longer durability of fillings and restorations, and higher quality treatment results.

Safer Examinations with Digital Radiography

In our practice, modern digital X-ray technology is standard – it is a fast, precise, and particularly gentle examination method. Within seconds we can assess the status of your teeth and discuss with you all details with your digitalized dental image. One great advantage of digital X-ray technology is that there is up to a 90% reduced radiation exposure compared to the traditional x-ray technology. Another benefit from digital radiography is higher image quality: clear tooth and bone structures are provided, resulting in precise treatment. Digital x-rays also provide convenience: we can even email your x-rays by request.

Dental Microscope

In examination and treatment, the finest details matter. During a root canal treatment, for example, the use of dental microscopes has become indispensable. Prior to the introduction of optical magnification, results were not as successful – today, dental microscopes can provide up to 30 times magnification, alongside coaxial lighting, to provide great results. In many cases, a dental microscope results in a higher level of tooth preservation. Root posts can be removed gently, and root perforations can be seen and treated more accurately. As well, tooth fracture lines can be more accurately spotted and identified. Overall, it can be said that dental microscopes give an entirely new and more precise view in dentistry.

Dental Laser

During dental treatments, dental lasers are increasingly more common. One example is using a dental laser for sterilization during a root canal, thus reducing the risk of subsequent dental inflammation. Painful mouth ulcers and cold sores can heal faster, and implants can be exposed with minimal gum irritation. A dental laser also closes the blood vessels, which means minor bleeding can be avoided. And for patients with dental fear, a dental laser treatment is more comfortable: most drilling can be initially avoided, and often only a local anesthetic is required, if at all.